We bring value and performance to fiber in order to give our customers a market advantage.



We dye in all color ranges with all dyestuffs for natural and synthetic fibers.
We bleach cotton for medical, hygiene and homecraft applications and scour for natural and synthetic fibers.

Our present color range shows a proposal of classic and fashionable shades that have been obtained with reactive dyes. We also have custom color capabilities. Select from a broad spectrum of available colors your custom color sample requirements and send them to us.

We will promptly respond with the best color solution for your needs.
We match any standard for customer.


We can offer antimicrobial treatments for natural and synthetic fibers.

These can be combined with our other treatments to give you fibers with multiply performance characteristics. Some possibilities are to add an antimicrobial to our hydrophilic polyester or add an antimicrobial to our FR cotton for specific applications.





There is more to our fire retardant treatment than just trying to make a profit. We created our Ethical Safe Line™ for our line of fire retardant products based on several issues.

First we believe that we have a moral responsibility to protect lives. Anyone with knowledge needs to use that knowledge for the betterment of society. The products that our FR fibers go into are designed to protect. Many standards for fire safety are very difficult to pass. With our technology we are able to take natural fibers and treat them so that they will help save lives during a fire. When we see that a standard is not sufficient to protect lives to the degree they are capable of doing, we seek to change that standard.

To say that our product passes the standard does not relieve us of our moral obligation to try to save lives. We believe we are obligated to use only the safest FR chemistry available. We do not want to expose anyone to any substances that are not considered safe and non-toxic. This includes everyone in the product life cycle from our suppliers and employees to our neighbors, customers and the consumer.

We believe that the environment must be protected. We want to minimize our footprint on the environment. We have patented manufacturing processes that prevent any of the chemistry from going into the eco-system. We are able to recycle and reuse all of the chemistry in our FR solution. We also strive to be the leader in FR treatment of natural fibers.

We believe that we can still have a product that is made in the U.S.A. There is no reason that we have to give away U.S. jobs. With technology and training, we believe we can make the highest quality in the world at a price that is competitive with the world market.